Awareness is control. Making a conscious decision is much better and productive than letting things just happen. No matter what you choose, it will keep you paying attention. If you choose to step off the pedal and do your own thing, it will allow you to enjoy more of what you are doing without any guilt. If you choose to keep your habits, you will have to stay accountable to your own self. Either way you win.

Your focus is always on the task at hand. How can you make it better? That is all that matters, it does not matter if you are in a gas station, or in a fancy restaurant. You can always make it better. No need to say ``fuck it all`` just because your options are sub-optimal. It is also important here that you don't fall for the compensation trap. Your last meal is gone. All that matters is your next choice. Make the next best choice, that is all.

Airports are food deserts. If your expectation is that you will eat something when you get there, you are setting yourself up for a shitshow. You can experience a lot of hunger without killing another human if you really think all your options are garbage. It might be uncomfortable but that's it. Remind yourself: hunger comes in waves, and this one will pass.

Minimums can also be maximums, like 8-10 cocktails. Whatever they are choose them wisely. Make sure they are effing easy to follow. Ask yourself ``what is the probability of my doing this?`` If it is less than 90%, make it easier. When I do this exercise with most people they will say 80%. In my professional experience 80% never happens, make it impossible to not do. 90+% is your number.

Slow down, and chill.