Individualized Programming and Coaching for CrossFit® athletes

You love being good at everything you do. You want mastery in the sport you love. You know that to maximize your potential, your local box wod or the generalistic internet template will not cut it. To achieve the qualitative jump you are looking for, you need an individualized and professional approach. Whether you’re just starting with CrossFit®, you are getting serious with it or looking to leap into a higher level, we are here for you.


Personalized Programming

Most of the people we see are trying really hard to do all the right things. However, all their efforts are disconnected. They try their best to piece all the information together. But it ends up being a hodgepodge of training plan spreadsheets, nutritional challenges and dogmas, and instagram motivational quotes. Lots of training volume, lots of effort, little returns, if any. We start by really getting to know our athletes and their needs. Then we focus on providing a unified plan uniquely tailored to what they need. We make sure our efforts and theirs are in full harmony. We want maximum returns for their actions.

Individualized Coaching

We love classes, seminars, and online instructional videos. We do them all. However, we know that individualized coaching beats them all. CrossFit is a complex and endless discipline. We know that to reap the most benefits of your efforts having a teammate in your corner is a must. Our coaches are ready to have your back and guide you through the hard parts of training. At Selfmastery, our main objective is to become your most valuable asset. We are a team of relationship builders, athlete-centered, and lead-by-example coaches ready to become a part of your team.

Well-rounded Humans

Your body is not a machine. Your body is a complex psycho, social, and biological entity. Understanding your athleticism as a product of this robust web of elements is fundamental. Our efforts are targeted to make sure all aspects of your life are balanced and aligned towards your goals. We believe that to be the best-rounded athlete out there, you must have a foundation of breadth and depth. You have to be a well-rounded human. Our coaches and programs are here to help you build and sustain this foundation.

We are here to help you improve,


Virtuosity First

Your progress will be determined by how good you are at the basics. When the foundations are weak, your development will inevitably stall. If you want to maximize your capacity, making sure your foundations are solid will be the short-cut to success.


At Selfmastery, we always prioritize improving the biomechanics of the movements that are most important to you. We help our athletes become outstanding movers and masters at the core aspects of CrossFit®.


We aim to enhance and strengthen your range of motion. We know that healthy and resilient joints and muscles will produce epic performances. With a solid base to stand on, you can reach your highest levels.


Our pledge is to always

match your hard work with ours.


Years of Experience

We have been at this game for over a decade. This experience has taught us that improving your fitness must be a holistic endeavor. We see you as a human first, and then as an athlete. Understanding what makes you, well, you, is an integral part of designing a successful plan for you.


We tailor your plan to meet your specific needs. We will align your lifestyle, mindset, and nutrition with your fitness program. Our years of practice have proven that this is the only way to reach your inherit potential.  


Selfmastery is committed to helping you reach your peak performance level. If you are ready to find out what you are truly capable of reach out to us, and one of our experienced coaches will get in contact with you. 

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