Who is this program for?


▶ You love being good at the things you do. You want more than getting the reps in and bragging rights. You care about doing the right things at the right time.
▶ You know that taking the time to master the basics is the fastest way to achieve excellence. You have the discipline to sacrifice today's ego trips for tomorrow's excellence.

People looking for structure and guidance

▶ You know that tips and hacks are great, but they are not enough for you. You learn best when you have structure, a road map, and definite guidelines on what to do and when.
▶ You value measurement as a technique for development. You know that to assess the progress, you need as many meaningful metrics as you can get.

You are tired of wasted efforts

▶ Are you tired of penguin jumps and single-single-double? Yeah, we have been there, it is a frustrating road. They don't work very well (check our video here). You are ready for something else.
▶ YouTube videos are great. The tips from your gym coach are excellent, yet they are not enough. Practicing hitting yourself with the rope once a week is not cutting it.


▶ Have a jump rope.
▶ Be proficient with single-unders. You must be able to sustain a cadence of 150 BPM doing single-unders for at least one minute.
▶ You can commit 10-20 minutes of your time three days per week for four weeks.

You will get


✔ Four weeks of tailored programming that gives you a template and a set of drills, principles, and workouts to work from. After these four weeks, you should have a well-established practice that will lead you to jump rope mastery.
✔ Every workout has a clear stimulus and a set of instructions (text and video) on how to achieve it.
✔ All workouts will be delivered weekly via TrueCoach.
✔ If you are a Beta-tester, you will get one video analysis of your technique with feedback on what to work on and how.

What do we get?

In other words, why is this free? Where is the catch?



✔ We will learn from you and your progress. Your rate of success and your struggles will help us make all our products better.
✔ You will get to know us. We are sure you will love us, and you will tell your friends about us. Heck! Maybe you will realize we were exactly what was missing in your fitness life!
✔ We will get to meet and connect with a new Thriver. Uniting us is our mission!

Are you ready?

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