What is Self Mastery?

Self mastery is a constant drive. It is the daily pursuit of improving yourself. It is the will of doing what most won’t, not the things that fill the Instagram posts, but the other stuff, the little things. It is owning the basics, it is the relentless pursuit of the fundamentals. It is the courage it takes¬† confronting what you do daily with whom you want to be.

Self Mastery is the practice of mastering your own self. It starts by defining who you are, and then making sure all your efforts are intentional and aligned, and a true expression of where you want to go.

Self Mastery rests upon three foundational pillars: fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness. Mastering what your body produces physically and mentally, as well was what you feed it, is what allows you to be your best true self.

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I am ready, let’s do this!